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Published Works

"‘Living on the Edge’; The Edge 2004.

‘Remote Control: Living in Abandonment – The Ambi House in Nilai,

Malaysia’;D+A 2006.

‘House 9’ [Lydia Ho Residence];Majalah Akitek 2006

‘Going your own way’; The Star. January 2006.

‘Ambi House – A community house’; ArchAsia 2006

‘Homes built for Bonding’ ; The Star – Metro Section. September 2006.

‘Light Living’; The Star – Specials Section - Homes. September 2006! IDEAS 2,

‘Recent Malaysian Architecture’, Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia; June 2007

‘Lydia’s House’,Home Concepts

‘Ambi’s House’ SPACE Magazine

“Dr. Lee’s Residence’ – Notable Mention for Haven/Edge Dream Home 2007

‘New Malaysian Houses’, Robert Powell and Albert Lim, February 2008

‘Gwee Residence, Country Heights Damansara’ SPACE, May 2008

‘Windhill; Liew Residence’, D+A Architectural Journal, October 2008

‘Quadrant; William Residence’, D+A Architectural Journal, October 2008

‘Windhill, Liew Residence’, SPACE Magazine, October 2008

‘Quadrant; William’s House’, Men’s Uno Lifestyle, November 2008

‘Lee Residence, Country Heights’, Malaysian Tatler, March 2009

‘Ambi Residence’, Tatler Homes Malaysia, April 2009

‘Mathew’s House’, Home Concepts, October 2009

‘Mathew’s House’, Malaysian Tatler, December 2009

‘J-House – One Room Bungalow’, D+A Architectural Journal, April 2010

‘J-House – 2010 Dream Home Gold Winner’, The Edge Haven, July 2010

‘Essential Design Integrated’, Tatler Homes Malaysia, August 2010

‘The Sloping Garden House (Paros), D+A Architectural Journal, April 2011

‘Dream Homes by DCA’, The Prestige, June 2011

‘Architect’s Story: A Love Triangle’, Architect’s Concept, March 2012

‘Seven Plane Wonder’, Tatler Homes Malaysia, April 2012

‘2012 Prime Picks of the Year: The Sloping Garden House’,

D+A Architectural Journal, May 2012

‘From Terrace Homes to Spatial Haven’, Tatler Homes Malaysia, May 2012

‘Safe Sanctuary (William’s House) – 2012 Dream Home’,

The Edge Haven, July 2012

‘The Perfect Canvas – Seri Riana IJM Interiors’, ID InDesign, Issue 39, August 2012

‘Riana Green 2’; IDinDesign, August 2012

‘House 484’, Architecture Malaysia, Volume 24 Issue 4, October 2012

‘DNP Wingtai Asia Alma Gallery’, Architecture Malaysia,

Volume 24 Issue 5, December 2012

‘House 484’; Prestige, November 2012

‘J-House’, UTILIZATION (Book), December 2012

‘Nasar’s House’; New Straits Times IIDA Award, December 2012

‘DNP Wingtai Gallery’, Architecture Malaysia, January 2013

‘House 484’, D+A Architectural Journal, February 2013

‘House 484’ HABITUS Architectural Journal Issue #19, March 2013

‘Carphanie’ The Sustainable Asian House (Book) June 2013

‘House 484’ Architecture Malaysia, July 2013

‘Carphanie’ Life Inspired, The Star Publication October 2013

’W House’ + ‘ Choong Residence’ REKA AWARDS MIID October 2013

‘Designer Showcase’ in assocation with Essential Design,

Home Décor December 2013

‘Eden @ Jalil Development’ ‘Property Press Awards 2013’ December 2013

‘DCA: Transitions fron then to now’, Architecture Malaysia, February 2014

‘Beautiful Simplicity: 38Mews’ – Dream Home Gold Winner’,

The Edge Haven, August 2014

‘Love Storey: W Residence’ – Dream Home Silver Winner’,

The Edge Haven, August 2014

‘For the Family: Melvin’s House’ – Dream Home Silver Winner’,

The Edge Haven, August 2014

‘Communal Ideals: Ambi House’ – Honorable Mention’,

The Edge Haven, August 2014

‘Design Collective Architects: Feature’, Metropolitan Homes, October 2014

38Mews’, Habitus (Australia) Issue #26, December 2014

‘Essential Design Integrated’, Focus Malaysia, January 2015

‘Inspirational Projects: 38Mews’, Architecture Malaysia, February 2015

‘Modern Mews: 38Mews’, Metropolitan Homes National Edition, September 2015

‘Togetherness by Design: DDay Haus’ – Dream Home Gold Winner’, The Edge Haven, August 2015

'W Residence', Metropolitan Homes, March 2016

'RW House' The Edge Haven, April 2016

'OCR The Re:Sident', Property Insight Awards, May 2016

'Psalms 11', Cover Shot, Asia Design, June 2016

'38Mews' Home Concept, September 2016

‘A House with 7 Cats’, 38Mews, Baan Villa, Thailand, 2017

WA World Architecture, ‘Aranya’, Beijing 2018

New Malaysian Houses ‘38 Mews’ 2018

New Malaysian House ‘Skan House’, 2018

WA World Architecture ‘C-House’, Beijing 2019

Recent Malaysian Architecture PAM, ‘38Mews’ 2019

HABITUS House of the Year ‘C-House’, 2019

D+A Design and Architecture Magazine, ‘House68’, 2020

New Malaysian House Vol,2 ‘House68’, 2020

Bluprint Philipines Tropical Homes Vol.1: 38Mews, 2020

‘House68’, TatlerHomes, August 2021



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